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Fees and Costs For a Residential Brevard County Eviction

Court Filing Fee:

  • Complaint for Eviction filing fee:  $185.00

Court Summons Fee:

  • Summons: $10.00 per Tenant

Process Server Fees 

  • Service in Brevard County: $40.00 

    This fee is incurred for service of the summons and complaint. It may also be incurred if the client elects to have the attorney serve the 3-day notice. The amount of the process service fee is based on the location of the subject property and the number of attempts it takes to locate and effectuate service on the tenant. A process server is generally used only once for the service of the complaint and summons. Total fees for process service fees may be additional if multiple attempts are required in order to serve the tenant/s. Client pays the actual costs incurred for service of the summons and/or posting of the 3-day notice.

Brevard County Sheriff's Office Fee:

  • Fee for eviction: $90.00 (when only a single Tenant is listed on the Complaint, an additional fee may be necessary for multiple Tenants).

Attorney Fees:

        • $295.00*  *The attorney fee includes the following:
                 •    Preparation and filing of all eviction related documents
                 •    Consultations with attorney 
                 •    Preparation and filing of Complaint with the Brevard County Clerk of Court
                 •    Filing of Proof of Service with the Brevard County Clerk of Court
                 •    Preparation and filing of Motion for Default on Eviction 
                 •    Preparation and filing of Eviction related Affidavits 
                 •    Notary service at our office of Affidavits needed for Eviction 
                 •    Pick up of Writ of Possession from Brevard County Clerk of Court 
                 •    Delivery of Writ of Possession to Brevard County Sheriff's Department 
                 •    Attorney will attend One (1) hearing (fees for additional hearings vary depending on type of hearing.)

Estimated Fees and Costs for Eviction:

$295.00 if the Tenant moves out before the filing of a Complaint.
$515.00 if the Tenant moves out without the need of the Sheriff.
        $605.00 if the Sheriff is required to serve and/or Trespass the tenant.

Estimate is based upon an uncontested eviction of a single tenant. Clerk and Sheriff charge additional fees for multiple tenants. Additional attorney's fees may be required for contested evictions and counterclaim defense to be determined based upon the issues raised by the tenant. Please keep in mind that fees vary from action to action and depend on the specific facts of each case. Attorney's fee for commercial evictions is slightly higher. 

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