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Florida Uncontested Eviction Process:

  1. A Three day notice is either posted on the property or delivered to Tenant.
  3. After the 3 day notice expires, if your tenant has not moved out or paid the past due rent then we immediately file an Eviction Lawsuit on your behalf.
  5. The Tenant is/are then served with a summons notifying them that they're being sued for Eviction.
  7. The Tenant then has 5 business days to respond to the Complaint.
  9. If tenant does not file an answer with the Clerk of Courts within 5 days then we immediately file a Motion for Clerks Default. (If your tenant files an answer then the eviction is considered contested which is discussed below).
  11. We File a Motion for Final Judgment of Eviction and send a proposed order to the assigned Judge for his/her signature.
  13. Once the Court signs an Order of Eviction, the Court will sign an Order for Writ of Possession.
  15. We deliver the Writ of Possession to Brevard County Sherriff's Eviction Department.
  17. Then a Brevard County Sherriff delivers the Writ of Possession to your Tenants and gives them 24 hours to vacate the property.
  19. 24 hours later, a Brevard County Sherriff will return to the property to confirm the tenants have moved out. If your Tenant has not moved out, then the Brevard County Sherriff will trespass your tenant from the property and return possession of the property to you.

    Our team of dedicated legal professionals is well-versed in many specialized areas. We will not advocate for you in an area we are not experienced in. Our team brings eviction experience combined with trial experience to the table, allowing us to advocate for you in many areas of eviction law. This gives Brevard Eviction Lawyer, Carla Reece, Esq., an edge when dealing with complex eviction legal matters. Often, more than one area of expertise is required. No need to hire a multitude of attorneys. We can provide you with comprehensive legal support in many areas.

Brevard Eviction Lawyer, Carla Reece, Esq., is available to meet with you in the Melbourne office or to discuss your situation by phone at your convenience.


Brevard Eviction Lawyer
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